Time Off =s Turned ON

13 Mar

Blogging…..I have been thinking about blogging for a few months now. I am recently unemployed and have been afforded the time to pursue ME. This is so important because for so long I have thought that through my career I was fulfilling my destiny, but over the past few months I have prayed and prayed to understand my purpose with a more open heart and mind. I realized that although I had a set of skills in which I was efficiently using to enhance a company, the company was not enhancing me AND that my purpose was greater. This realization has been so important to my progress because as I learn more Im humbeled by how much I do not know.

I am in awe at how the professional world ultimately curtails dreams, ones ability to multi-serve and collaborate, and even gain true knowledge. As I stop refusing technology and its development, I think about the power that each person posses to not only gain knowledge, but to integrate what is learned into their lives and make more informed and strategic decisions. Being a professional in a typical 9 to 5 (which really ends up being 8 to 7 because co-workers contact you on your cell phone to and from work and you have constant email access to your job) stifled my time to truly accept the knowledge I was receiving. It is with this time off that I have turned on!

The focus of my entries will be about my every day life and struggles similar to that of the Seinfeld show the randomness that is LIFE. I will share my obstacles, my successes, and most important, my plans, the plans that I hope others will learn from. On occasion I will post some of my poetry and I hope for your feedback, your constructive feedback, the feedback that lets me know what it is you want and need from me as an artist, as a community developer, as a collaborator, and so much more!

Thank you for your time. I will not share daily, but when there is something to talk about, my readers will be the first to know!!!!!


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