18 Mar

I fear the loss of truth earned while playing Monopoly at the kitchen table on Friday nights with my brother, sister, mother, father and cousins.  


The truth earned while defending my face and body parts as jealous girls sought to hurt my spirit with lies and fists of low self worth.


Truth tattooed on my 36 C cups from the elementary boys that violated me with the ink of shame in the elementary cafeteria followed by the counselors color by numbers of disbelief.


I fear that my time has been monopolized to help me forget all that I know I knew.


I think that since my ancestors wanted education, the “powers that be” decided to put guidelines and degrees in place to reduce us from the path of truth and knowledge onto the roads of careers that distract from purpose.


I fear the loss of still time under dark suns and cloudy rainbows because my next appointment awaits me.


The discovery I missed because I did not trust it was mine to discover. I fear that loss….

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Posted by on March 18, 2011 in Poetry


One response to “Distracted

  1. delbertdelbert

    May 9, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    Hi Ashely. In the walk of life we soon learn that sorrows wait in the shadows or just around the bend. We suffer we hurt we anguish; but if we refuse to surrender to suffrage the joys of overcoming are ours to embrace.

    Ashley: Truths can be ever hurtful and here you have shared with us some you know and have known. Still you demonstrate a wonderful awareness and inner strength that protects and preserves you.
    Continue to provide a light in the darkness and a haven against the unjust. Never Give Up!
    Be Well


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