Beginning Your Life Plan

29 Mar

You are ready to create your life plan. Of course there may be a million templates on the internet, but I am going to share with you some tips and a format from the author, Michael Hyatt. Hyatt provides examples from his life plan and says that,

“When things get chaotic, it serves as a map, telling me where I am and how to get back on the path to my intended destination.”

You are encouraged to change the template to a format that works for you. No matter what your choice and how you change the template, give yourself plenty of time to think about this fresh start of your life.


Think about the major categories/ priorities in your life (family, work, education, spirituality, etc).

  • List your target audiences.

Hyatt selected:

God, My Spouse, My Children, My Parents, and My Friends.

  • Determine the outcomes you want to see in the major categories of your life. Outcomes are tangible ideas or the eventual end results. Hyatt encourages us to think about outcomes as the lasting impression or comments that people would say at your funeral or the process of beginning with the end in mind.
  • Prioritize your target audience.
  • Create a purpose statement for each life category.

Hyatt’s example for his Health category (or account as he calls it) is:

My purpose is to maintain and care for the temple God has given me.

  • Detail your ideal vision for each category. A good question to ask yourself is- what does success look like for me? You need to describe the account when it is functioning at its best, using the present tense as if it is already a reality.

An example from Hyatt relating to his vision for his health is:

I am lean and strong, possessing vibrant health and extraordinary fitness. My heart is strong and healthy. My arteries are supple and clear of obstructions. My auto-immune system is in excellent condition; I am disease-, infection-, and allergy-resistant. I have more than enough energy to accomplish the tasks I undertake. This is because I control my mental focus, workout six days a week, choose healthy foods, take supplements as needed, and get adequate rest.

  • Detail your current reality as it stands with each life category. During this part of the process you are to describe in detail, what your current situation looks like. (Refer to my weight loss update on March 27, 2011).
  • Create an action plan for each outcome- these are the actual practices you will add into your life, take out, or continue doing to reach your goal. Be specific and think S.M.A.R.T. List the resources you have or need to make these actions happen as well.

We should review our life plans quarterly AND make changes. Life plans should change as we grow and make progress.

I will be revealing my first stab at my life plan in the near future. If you are looking for an accountability partner, feel free to post your plan to my blog and/or email them directly to me at I am happy to help keep you encouraged and on your path.

Below is a link to the life planning template by Michael Hyatt.


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