Laying Bricks

01 Apr

A few weeks ago this young lady hit my car. I have put off going to the shop since then. I kept trying to figure out what was preventing me from doing such a simple task. After finally going to get the estimate, it had been determined that the other driver’s insurance would pay for everything and that all I had to do was bring the car to the auto body shop, turn over my keys, and I would be provided a rental while my car was being repaired.

The morning came for me to execute this simple procedure, but I was sick about it. I didn’t leave the house. I began to think about the obstacles I had to overcome before turning over my keys.

I told myself that I needed to clean the inside of my car and figure out what I needed out of the car before swapping vehicles. I was thinking about having to do this in the cold and then I started thinking about having to take multiple trips to the garbage because I had too much junk in my car. All of this led me to being mad at myself for letting my car get so junky. The list could go on and on about how these challenges were beginning to pile up.

With every passing moment, I was making a mountain out of a mole hill.

We do this more than we realize. Instead of figuring out the simplest way we can complete a task, we intentionally and unintentionally, hinder our progress. Finally, I said to myself, “these things have been in the car for about a month. If I haven’t needed them all of this time, then I can do without them for three days while the car is being fixed”. The amount of weight that immediately released from my body was pleasing. This one thought, this one solution, bulldozed all of the bricks I had layered on top my progress.

Begin to un-pile the bricks that are stifling your future. Become solution oriented. Although you should set realistic time frames and action steps for your plans, you should always be looking for the one strategic move or plan that will bring resolution and efficiency.

Needless to say, my car is in the shop with a blanket in the back seat and the box I left my job with on January 24, 2011.

Below is a link to a blog entry from Marc and Angel Hack Life that focuses on ways to un-clutter your seemingly productive life.


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