Community Asset: The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine

11 May

After a horrible car accident in July of 2010, I still find myself experiencing pain and limited range of motion with my ankle. After having over 40 sessions of physical therapy I wanted to take my healing process to the next level.

I won’t say that I will try anything, but I do like to take holistic approaches when possible. If eating green vegetables, exercise, or some other non-chemical solution can improve my health, it can’t hurt to try.

While getting a massage, I was looking at charts displaying pressure points and how the body is connected. Feeling hopeless about my recovery, I began to think that an acupuncturist would be able to help increase movement in my leg by focusing on the pressure points associated with my ankle, calf, and other areas that were affecting my ankle movement.

I mentioned to an associate that I was interested in trying acupuncture. She told me about The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine located at 4334 North Hazel Suite 206 Chicago, IL 60613 (close to Montrose and Lake Shore Dr).

There is a $5 fee per session and first time visitors can attend on Mondays and Tuesdays between the hours of  1-7 pm. The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine is a walk-in clinic only, therefore appointments are not offered. Upon your first visit, there is about 10 minutes of paperwork to complete and a potentially long wait. I have been on three occasions and my first wait was the longest.

But the wait is worth it. My first visit was extremely exciting! Once my paperwork was complete and my blood pressure was documented, I met with a student of oriental medicine. The student looked at my tongue, my eyes, and my nail beds, and she was able to diagnosis my prominent health issues. She was also able to determine what areas of health needed extra care by observing where heat was radiating from my body. After discussing my areas of concern, the student suggested a plan of action, and both the student and I met with the head doctor to ensure that the course of healing and diagnosis was right for me.

I highly recommend oriental medicine. Although I am no expert, I noticed immediate pain relief and have since made significant progress in increasing my range of motion. The students and doctors encouraged me to focus on how my body works together as a whole, and this was something noticeably missing in both my physical therapy and from my M.D.

The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine can also prescribe natural healing products which can be purchased on site. The products offered are herbs, to be cooked with your regular meals as well as natural ointments.

Although I was uncertain about whether or not I would be able to afford acupuncture, I am very glad to have learned about The Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. It is important to be proactive about your health and for me, I was certain that something was missing from my healing process.

Please take a few minutes to share information on local community assets in the comment section. Helping to create awareness of a community asset may improve the condition of someone’s life.

Below is a website that discusses the benefits of using both Western Medicine and Eastern medicine simultaneously to improve your health.


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