ASCW Life Plan (part 2)

17 May
ASCW Life Plan (part 2)

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”- Alan Lakein

Each time I work on and review my Life Plan, I am more confident and reassured that I am on the track destined for me. Regular engagement with my written Life Plan serves as a point of accountability.

Reflecting on the Family segment of my Life Plan, I realize that I have not being doing enough.

Over the past week, I have not called any of my family members, nor have I visited them. The week before I participated in the Y-ME breast cancer walk with my father, older sister, three nieces, boyfriend, his sister, and a few close friends. During the walk, we laughed together, reminisced on old times, and shared encouraging stories about our future plans.

By looking at my Life Plan this week, I’m reminded that the quality time from the breast cancer walk is not enough to fuel my family engine; I have many more miles to trek as I work toward my purpose in my Family category.

Today’s entry provides a deeper look into life planning. Using the suggested strategy and a tweaked format from Michael Hyatt, I provide an up close and personal overview of my Family account.

I am usually great at helping others visualize more than what they can imagine but the vision section was challenging for me to write. I was finally able to write a more in-depth description after reading the post “Setting Up Your Dream Lifestyle: How to Prepare for the Life You Really Want” by Christina Crowe.

I include a “resources needed section” for each action plan as I think it is important to begin to gather, or work toward obtaining all that I need in order to see each action completed.

Family Account for Ashley S.C. Walls Life Plan

Purpose: To support and enhance my family legacy

Outcomes: “Ashley was a reliable support system that helped with financial and physical needs to keep our family close in fellowship and during family crisis.”


– I help family members when preparing for life milestones both hands-on and financially.

– I award and congratulate family members during life milestones.

– I communicate with a variety of family members on a regular basis to encourage them to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

– I know enough about my family lineage to inform doctors of family health issues.

– I assist with funeral arrangements and health crisis by being physically and emotionally present.

– I host quarterly meetings/gatherings with my local family annually.

– I cook 4 times a week for my significant other and child(ren).

– My significant other and I dine out atleast once a week.

– My significant other and I enjoy a new restaurant atleast once a month (children will attend on occassion).

Reality:  I do not have any savings which prevents me from supporting my family financially. My family is spread out across the Chicago metropolitan area which can make it difficult to fellowship. We do not have annual family reunions. Some of my family is in New Orleans, Cali, New York and ATL and my limited finances and time to travel prohibit me from spending time and communicating with my relatives that live farther distances. Facebook has increased awareness of my family’s regular actions and life happenings although I am still generally unaware of family members’ upcoming milestones.

Action Plan:

  • Participate in a family outing or visit atleast once a month. Resources needed: Phone, email, Facebook, transportation
  • Revise maternal family lineage info booklet. Resources needed: Email, phone, Facebook
  • Create paternal family lineage info booklet and scrapbook. Resources needed: Email, phone, Facebook, scrapbook materials, pictures, documents

My vision section will continue to expand as I grow and experience what is important to me.

I believe that in a year or two, I will have a system and annual calendar created that will enable me to regularly meet the goals described in the vision section of my Family account.

I dare you to take a few minutes and write your vision for a portion of your Life Plan in the comment section! You will definitely find an accountability partner in me.

Below is a link that provides steps on how to detail the vision portion of your Life Plan.


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2 responses to “ASCW Life Plan (part 2)

  1. akmar nordin

    May 17, 2011 at 10:18 am

    wow – this article motivates me to start my own life plan,should have done it long time ago.

    • Ashley S.C. Walls

      May 17, 2011 at 10:30 am

      Akmar Nordin

      It is NEVER to late. Feel free to look at the Life Plan categories for suggestions and motivation. If you need any help let me know. Thanks for letting me know I have encouraged you! It means a lot to me.


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