Community Asset: Xubex (and other healthcare access providers)

26 May
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I have joined the ranks of MILLIONS of Americans without health insurance. Unfortunately, I have a health condition that requires me to take medicine daily. Since becoming self-employed, I needed a quick fix to ensure my health until I am ready to tackle buying independent health insurance.  I knew that although Walmart was cheaper than both Target and Walgreens, there had to be another option that would not cost me $108.

I asked my health care provider about local clinics that could provide me with medicine at a low-cost. She gave me a few numbers and addresses, but they were income-based and put me at risk of switching medicines, as they did not carry my current prescription. This was yet another unfavorable option.

So, I hit the internet with a quick search and fortunately I came across some GREAT services that offer a variety of low-cost medications. Each provider has its own set of reasonable requirements, but nothing that should prevent you from taking advantage of the services offered.

The provider I chose was Xubex. Xubex offers a variety of medications, but other patient programs as well including:

  • patient discount cards
  • co-pay assistance program
  • diabetes services

What I appreciated MOST about Xubex is that they did not require proof of income.  #SCORE. I consider this to be non-intrusive AND shows that XUBEX takes into account that working people may still need assistance and that your healthcare should be be sacrificed because of that. Not to mention that if you are actually taking the time to complete the form, you must think that your money can be better used than on overpriced medications.

Other programs you may want to look into are:

Although I am sure there are a lot more services that provide medication assistance, I want to hear from you about healthcare programs or other Community Assets that can help those in need. Please share in the comment section.

Lastly, I do not usually encourage you to share on your social networks or via email but I am SURE that a lot of people would benefit from this information. Please find a way to share with them in a way you are most comfortable.


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One response to “Community Asset: Xubex (and other healthcare access providers)

  1. Mehrdad Hariri

    May 26, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    A great source for low cost and patient assistance, I recommend it !


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