Success Formulas: What I have learned Part 1

05 Jun

I have become familiar with some inspiring people during my Success Formula interviews.

So far, most of my questions to the Success Formulas’ have revolved around life planning, community development, support systems, S.M.A.R.T. goals, and personal assets.

I have taken many messages from my Success Formulas’ and have created the following statements/ affirmations in which I am sure will take me further than I imagine.

I accept accountability for my responsibilities

I believe in God as a guiding power for my achievements

I cherish and nurture relationships with like-minded people

I value detailed work ethic 

It is with these daily affirmations and positive thoughts that I will breathe air into my Life Plan and S.M.A.R.T. goals.

How have your applied lessons from the Success Formulas series to your life?

Update 6.2.11- From Jennifer Chaney

My website is complete ( I have 4 potential events on the calendar, and my company launch & networking event is scheduled for June 17th. So far everything is going well.


during the month of June I will offer one complimentary consultation for the top 3 individuals with the highest levels of engagement on my blog. (Winners can defer their consultation to a friend or family member of their choice). My complimentary consultation will focus on business and marketing development, grant writing services, and strategic development for a topic of your choice.

I am defining engagement as:

  • commenting on various entries
  • sharing on facebook, linkedin, stumbleupon, Digg, and/or twitter and tagging me or notifying me of the share
  • emailing posts to your friends or networks (bcc me on the
  • And any other creative ways of engagement you can think of!

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