Community Asset: Cheaper Options for Your Next Vacation

09 Jun

Self-employment has pushed me to be more creative. I no longer take it for granted that I have a steady paycheck. Even if the paycheck is not your ideal income, the stability of a steady paycheck may allow you to worry less about discounts and cost-saving options (it did for me). Overall, when your paycheck does not match your lifestyle, you still have to figure out ways to live your life in a way that suits your standards.

I have been dying to do more traveling. I am committed to traveling outside of my home state of Illinois, atleast two times a year. And ideally, I would like to do an international trip atleast once every two years.

While reading RedEye, I came across a list of options for inexpensive ways to travel. Below are some travel sites promoted by RedEye that focus on creative travel and accomodations. Some of the suggestions even involve staying in random people’s houses (the houses and their owners are registered with the company). Depending on your personality, the above may be an option.

Anyhow, I encourage you to check out these websites BEFORE you go to expedia, orbit, and other travel services.

If you have experience with any of these services, please share in the comment section.


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2 responses to “Community Asset: Cheaper Options for Your Next Vacation

  1. Monique Nicole Caston

    July 24, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Although I haven’t done it as much as I would like, I am a fan of the “STAY-cation.” I plan on doing just that before the summer is over right here in my DC metropolitan surrounding area. My definition of the STAY-cation is to view your town/city in a new light. . . by acting as a tourist. Many cities have so many FREE historic museums, tours, etc. that you can always visit to learn something new. Plan a fun-filled day with low-cost activities, such as a farmer’s market (buy items that you can use for a picnic later in the day), a museum, a walk in the park, and finish off the evening with a free outdoor concert where you can bring your lawn chair. I have researched several of these opportunities that are all within 2 miles of my apartment, and i can’t WAIT to embark on my excursion!

  2. Ashley S.C. Walls

    July 25, 2011 at 2:59 pm

    Monique, the stay-cation is an EXCELLENT option, especially if you reside in a major city or tourist location. Thanks for the reminder 🙂 ENJOY YOUR STAY-CATION!!!!!


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