My Ideal Job Description

16 Jun

Title: Initiator of Sustainable Systems and Collaborations (ISSC)

Purpose: To creatively impact urban change by designing sustainable communities.

Reports to: Citizens in the community at-large

Key role: Bridge the gap between community entities and individuals to create unique collaborations that lead to self-reliant communities.

Primary functions and duties:

  • Reliably happy and encouraging
  • Seek citizen first solutions
  • Create community relevant communication strategies
  • Build community portfolios
  • Manage and monitor resources and budgets
  • Apply artistic and creative tactics to community development events and programs


  • Displays an appreciation of literature from varied sources
  • Conveys respectful and tactful dialogue
  • Responds rapidly on most matters
  • Able to efficiently multi-achieve
  • Proven record of implementing culturally relevant and age appropriate projects/ programs

Working Hours: Flexible to align with project outcomes and community needs

Work Environment: Employee will work on location, from home, and at various offices as needed. Work environment and requirements will match the project needs. Collaborators are optimistic and honest.

Compensation: Depending upon experience and education; compensation will ensure that student loans can be paid monthly, health care needs are able to be handled in a timely fashion, and that leisure and recreation can remain active in the employee’s life.

What is your ideal job description? 

Below is a link that provides tips on how to create your ideal job description.


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