Success Formula: Monique Myles Carswell

20 Jun
Success Formula: Monique Myles Carswell

On a regular basis, I receive an email or run across a Facebook post or tweet about the newest happenings of Monique Myles Carswell. Currently the Marketing Manager for Black Enterprise Magazine and previously on the marketing team for CosmoGIRL! Magazine, Monique has made a name for herself as a marketing mogul on the rise.

An active member of numerous organizations (far too many to name here), Monique was recently appointed as the Leadership Council Director for World of Money. World of Money is an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of financial illiteracy by teaching children about money early on, thus helping break the cycle of community financial illiteracy.

When you type her name into Google, taglines you are sure to find while doing research on the Chicago native include: professional, New York Urban League Young Professionals (founding member), Black Enterprise, African-American, Myles Ahead Consulting, LLC., public speaker, and wedding.

Monique is the epitome of the modern day successful woman. Growing up and out of the West side of Chicago, attending a big ten University in Urbana-Champaign, and then taking over the Big Apple, Monique’s vision of success is to create an impact that she is proud of within her industry and community.

During the interview Monique shared more information with me about her financial mantra. Monique manages her money in the following order: earn, save, invest and donate. A woman with exceedingly high expectations and the capabilities to attain all that she imagines, Monique has studied the financial habits of the wealthy. Research shows that wealthy people commonly have 7 streams of income including their primary career, real estate, speaking engagements, publications, consulting, stocks, and investments. With this knowledge, she has created a budget that has been in place for several years, and she continues to work toward her 7 streams.

Monique is also invested in the nourishment of the black family. She sees community development in this regard as a dual income household, where the family serves as a positive role model for the rest of the community. Monique says that there are currently “too many mothers who are trying to do too much, too many absent fathers, and too many grandparents raising children.” One way Monique and her husband contribute to community development is through their blog- Young, Black & Married. Here, the couple provides positive examples of black love.

Upon getting married, Monique made a tough decision that many women are faced with today. Having already established much of her reputation and business endeavors under her maiden name Monique Myles, honoring tradition, she chose to take her husbands last name in marriage. Replacing her given middle name with her maiden name, she is now known to the world as Monique Myles Carswell.

Balancing work and family, well branded, and extremely professional, Monique’s work ethic and determination create a replicable blueprint for success.

Monique Myles Carswell’s Success Formula= Commitment to Family + Proven financial management + Active involvement 

More on Monique Myles Carswell 

What was one experience or fear that you had to overcome to get where you are today? And how did you do so? 

“Being from the West Side of Chicago was an experience. Although people of all ethnicities and economic backgrounds have challenging life experiences, the scope of what I witnessed presented a variety of obstacles. I have learned from these obstacles and overcome the fear of not succeeding.” (The West Side of Chicago is known for extreme poverty, high STD rates amongst teenagers, high rates of return for ex-felons, and slow economic community growth.)

Do you have a S.M.A.R.T. goal you can share with us?

To own a piece of investment property with my husband within 3 years

How do you give and receive constructive criticism?

“I am very diplomatic and when delivering constructive criticism, I go straight to the person/group my critiques pertain to, and I always provide a solution. I am very self- critical, so when others share constructive criticism with me, I welcome it, as long as it is from a place of love.”

Where are you most productive?

Monique is most productive during her commutes on the train. It is during this time that she is able to make her to-do lists, create bullet points for her next power point, and manage other business.


@MoniqueCarswell on twitter

Update 11.3.2011

Since our original interview, I’ve begun teaching at Fordham University as an Adjunct Professor within their business school. I’m putting my earning towards the property we’re eyeing for 2012. Additionally, I was accepted to a highly selective executive leadership program called Americas Leaders of Change. It’s a rigorous 1-year development program for senior professionals from across the country. I’ve also landed another celebrity client for Myles Ahead.



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