Redirecting Obstacles in Education- Solutions from an English Teacher

05 Jul

This is a guest post from Adrianne May, an educator, counselor, dedicated volunteer, and part-time scrapbooker. Enjoy!

Currently, I am a seventh grade English teacher and within the first two years of teaching I realized that my calling was not in the classroom but in the guidance office.  It became blatantly clear that at-risk students in low-income areas were dealing with social/emotional issues that were hindering their progress in the classroom.  I always enjoyed talking with my students and discovering more about their life outside of school.  They came to me with their problems and I was a trusting adult that could provide them with some sound advice and a shoulder to lean on.  Therefore, I took the steps to become a certified school counselor and began my graduate coursework in January 2008.  I recently graduated with a Master of the Arts in school counseling and am looking to find employment in a middle or high school as a school counselor.  The search isn’t going as planned and it seems that I’ll be back in the classroom again.

In order for me to keep a peace of mind and to not allow this to defeat me, I have decided to alter my plans of instruction next year.  I am blessed with a supportive administration and a great team of co-workers who are willing to allow me to try new and innovative things in the classroom.  I do not want to lose sight of my goal and I need to stay actively counseling as these are skills that are only honed with practice.  To accomplish this, I am going to turn my classroom into my own guidance office and teach English through counseling. I will be using the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) national model to guide my instruction to equip my students with the necessary skills in the academic, college/career, and social/emotional domains (For more information about the ASCA national model, please visit What’s so liberating about teaching reading comprehension, vocabulary, and literacy is that practically any piece of writing will lend itself to teaching those skills and discussions about healthy relationships, self-esteem, identifying who you are can all be used to enhance the middle school experience.  Essentially, I will be creating developmental guidance lessons to assist my students to be socially and emotionally healthy along with keeping them on track academically. With a new literacy curriculum that I have to utilize, I have a lot of work to do to make this curriculum work for me.  I will not work for it.  I have a new found excitement about doing what I love.

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