Loyalty Through the Lens of the Congress Hotel

29 Jul
Although it is not the first word that I would use to describe myself, “loyal” would be in the top 5 options. What does loyalty look like for me? Well, I still choose to listen to music from the 90’s every time I get in my car, not because I don’t like new music, but because I don’t want to just toss out what I grew to love; my parents still buy me oreo cookies every time I visit them in St.Louis because they were my childhood favorite; and even if my candidate/team/performer sucks on a certain day, I never move to the opposite side of the bleachers.
Basically, in my opinion being loyal is about weathering the storm and remaining engaged with a choice you once made.

While on twitter, one of my followers mentioned the Congress hotel strike and how long it has been active.

Sparking my interest, I did some brief research on The Congress Hotel strike. It is the longest strike in the United States, and has been going on for 8 years. The strike surrounds the low working wages offered by the hotel, a little more than $8 an hour compared to other hotels pay of $15 on average, for their non-management positions.

Although the hotel is unlikely to shift its wages, The Congress Hotel strike is one of the most clear examples of contemporary loyalty to not only a cause, but to (almost) a decade of individuals and families that have remained committed to each other.

The level of planning, mental, emotional, and financial support needed to keep the strike going lands an award for loyalty in my book. I now ask myself, why have I not shown the Congress Hotel Strike loyalty to things that I claim truly affect me, my family, friends, and unborn children. Where did that “strike” spirit go?

I must admit, that my up close and personal dealings with politics has proven that many people down talk and belittle the “strikers loyalty”. The individuals/groups that are loyal to their cause are often disregarded as losers or encouraged to take the more common route; sadly, I wonder when did it become so unrespectable to stand 8 times after you fall 7.

Loyalty does not fade with the trends, it continues when the trend comes full circle; loyalty breeds perfection, eventually you figure out how to right what you were doing wrong.

What does loyalty look like for you?

Below is a link that details more about the Congress Hotel strike and the strikers.


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One response to “Loyalty Through the Lens of the Congress Hotel

  1. RAJ

    July 29, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Great post!


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