Englewood Film Fesitval (Chicago)

07 Aug
Englewood Film Fesitval (Chicago)

Beginning October 2011, the Englewood Film Festival will become a new addition to Chicago’s annual events. Started by Honee Earth LLC & 1555 Filmworks, the film festival is a platform for diverse stories that engage individuals and families in statistically troubled communities, starting with Englewood. In 2010, the film festival was introduced to the Englewood community in a ribbon cutting ceremony, logo reveal, and 2 sold out film screenings by the creators of the Englewood Film Festival, one of them being Mark Harris.

I recently interviewed Mark Harris to find out more about the festival and why this particular event was chosen for the Englewood Community. Mark talked a little bit about China and how one of the emperors used the influence of music, art, and entertainment to inspire and change the mindset of those he ruled. “I want to use entertainment to change my community”, Mark stated.

The creators are looking for film submissions of all genres that are “socially conscious and entertaining”, by
the September 1st deadline.  Both feature films (75 minutes of longer) and Shorts (20 minutes or less) are
accepted at a reasonable entry fee. If interested in being a sponsor for the festival, your logo/ message/ name will reach approximately 40,000 people, through all event publications.

The event is endorsed by Chicago’s current mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, and Mark and his team are looking to increase their support amongst other community leaders as well. Mark shared with me that his vision for the Englewood film festival is that a model of (social) change will be created through the medium of film and other forms of entertainment.

If you would like to know more about the Englewood community and why people are looking for creative outlets to impact positive change, check out the link below. It provides a visual on the crime statistics of Englewood.

To learn more about the Englewood Film Festival, click on the link below.


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