Community Asset: Young Nonprofit Professionals Network- Chicago

22 Aug

Nonprofit orgs are a dime a dozen. With this being the case, how does one go about standing out in this field of tax-exemption and community causes? 

One way is to network. Although this word is now used with less intent as its original context, the Young Nonprofit Professional Network (YNPN) holds true to its networking purpose. This entry focuses particularly on the Chicago chapter of YNPN. 

Mission: The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of Chicago (YNPN Chicago) strengthens the nonprofit community by providing accessible professional development, resources, and networking opportunities for young professionals involved in the Chicago-area nonprofit sector. 

How is the mission accomplished: YNPN offers a variety of cost efficient hands-on opportunities for young professionals seeking to solidify themselves as a player in the nonprofit industry. YNPN also host social and service activities including: volunteer day and speed networking. 

Numerous workshops, leadership trainings, volunteer slots, weekly newsletters, and a blog site (in which I was published), are some of the platforms created by YNPN. 

The benefits of the FREE membership are:

  • Be the first to know about our Events, including professional development workshops, social events, volunteer outings, and our Annual Celebration.
  • Search our online Member Directory to network with more than 3,500 nonprofit professionals in the Chicago area.
  • Search for and post jobs in our online Career Center
  • Talk to other members in the online Discussion Center
  • Subscriptions to useful e-mails, such as our monthly e-newsletter, weekly jobs e-mail, and daily digest of Discussion Center posts.

This is just one of the many opportunities that one can find when looking to stand out in the nonprofit arena. 

What are some other community assets or resources for nonprofit professionals seeking exposure and networking opportunities?


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