Healing- Give Yourself a Minute (or Thirty)

19 Sep
Healing- Give Yourself a Minute (or Thirty)

When you bump your knee on the table and say “ouch”, do you give yourself time to rub the injured spot and wait for the pain to go away, or do you quickly walk through the pain, confident that this minor bump is nothing worth acknowledging?
So often we take these moments for granted and forget that our wounds, both emotional and physical, need time to heal. Our wounds need to looked at, pampered, cleaned, and a new band-aid often needs to be applied throughout the day or when too much pressure is placed on the injury. Do you take time to explore your wounds and heal properly?

Of course you are probably thinking that the bump to your knee is no big deal. What happens if you hit that spot 3 more times in the same day. Or if other parts of your body get scraped and bruised throughout the day?
Too often we ignore the physical signs of pain that warn us and let us know “its time to heal”. For many months I have ignored the signs. Wanting to be strong and productive, I have worked diligently to create opportunities for new endeavors and financial gain. But at the most unsuspecting moments I feel pain. I feel pain from the leg/ankle injury from many months before; I also feel pain when thinking about relationships that have turned stale or distant and even the loss of my previous job. Overall, I feel a series of pain from a variety of life occurrences, and eventually I realized that I had been existing in pain.
How many people do you know suffer one hardship after another. They continue to navigate life unhealed and moving forward. But the injury is still there. The injur(ies), physical or mental, manifest as tears, nasty attitudes, illness, and stress.

I am guilty of telling people to “keep it moving”. I am guilty off not rubbing my knee after each scrape and bruise. Recently I needed to heal. I needed to take a day to myself and deal with a lifetime (or a week, or a day) of scrapes and bruises.

I was glad that I did. The next day I felt rejuvenated and ready for the battle of life.

It is true, sometimes you do just have to keep it moving, but when you have a moment or the time to care for yourself. Your wounds. Your thoughts. You should do so.

What prevents you from taking time heal?

Below is a link to a webpage of quotes on healing. Enjoy!


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