Scheduling Obstacles

20 Sep

As I embark upon new endeavors, I have tried to prepare an ideal schedule that will help me to stride toward my personal and professional goals. Unable to create an all-inclusive weekly schedule that I am happy with, I found a format by Michael Hyatt that I am thinking about trying out over the next few weeks.
Before I take the time to map out this intricate schedule, I must address the self-imposed barriers that are keeping me from doing so.

  • First things first, being scared that I will not commit to the schedule. In so many words, to commit means to make a pledge or actively display progress toward a goal/ objective in which you agree with.

For example, there have been plenty of tactics and best practices that I have tried over the past few months, but I have yet to execute these tactics to the fullest extent habitually. On so many levels, the lack of consistent implementation is unhealthy, but on a most basic level the inconsistency negatively impacts my self-esteem. Although it does not drag me down totally, I do get irritated that I have not been able to analyze SMART goals that I created for myself. This reality is becoming a hinderance to creating new SMART goals and I am trying to figure out what is keeping me from committing to my life tactics. What I realize is that the more I have had to multi-task (BAD WORD), the less I multi-achieve (GOOD WORD). I am doing a variety of things in one day, but nothing is truly getting completed to my liking or in a way that I feel represents my best quality of work (hence the fewer posts…..)

  • Issue number two, laziness. It is so much easier for me to be “lazy” with some of the more physically consuming tasks (i.e. workout). I am prone to avoid scheduling working out despite a true desire to want to lose weight. 
    Lastly…, well anything else I was going to put actually fits into the two categories listed above.

How has scheduling affected your progress? Do you have a preferred scheduling format?

Below is a link to the article that Michael Hyatt uses to plan his ideal week.


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