Community Asset: Global Girls

14 Oct

There are a number of reasons as to why this organization should be on your radar as a Community Asset.

Below I share just a few.

#1- Everyone involved in the organization is a risk taker, especially Founder and Executive Director- Marvinetta Penn. There is no topic that is taboo to the girls and young adults that take part in the organization and this honesty, and sincerity among females has created life changing dynamics for communities in both the United States and abroad.

#2- The organization has proved it is sustainable by surpassing the business start-up phase (5 years) and is currently celebrating over 10 years of incorporation. What does this mean? Its worth your time and investment!  Global Girls has a model that works and is being expanded on.

#3- Global Girls is a mixture of performing arts, leadership development, media training, and womanhood claiming. HOW COOL IS THAT?????

#4- The participants have fun! Yes, there is pressure to excel above the rest, but what more can you expect from an organization that is preparing women to be global citizens in todays competitive society. Through it all Global Girls leadership ensures laughs, hugs, tears, and personal success for every developing female involved.

#5- Global Girls participated in atleast 3 trips to Africa, where the youth volunteered in various communities with local families. Hence the name GLOBAL GIRLS.

#6- Global Girls is an AMAZING organization headquartered in Chicago, IL. For Global Girls, the Month of October is “Lets Talk Month”. Global Girls will be sponsoring a FREE performance, workshops for daughters and adults, lunch and facilitated discussions on October 22nd. The title of the event is: “Talking with Your Parents/Kids about Sex”.

I can go on and on, BUT, I think you would benefit more from checking out the Global Girls website and by learning more about their upcoming events. There is not a female in the Chicagoland area that should be unaware of this Community Asset! If you havent already done so, tell a friend about this organization.

The press release for the upcoming event is below and it includes the Global Girls contact information.

October Is Let’s Talk Month
Global Girls Sponsors Local Workshops on Talking with Your Parents/Kids about Sex
Let’s Talk Month is an opportunity for children and parents to learn to communicate in an open and honest manner about health, sexuality and other sensitive issues. Such discussions can help young people delay sex and avoid unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Research shows that adolescents prefer their parents to be their sex educators. Moreover, teens often need more information, guidance and open discussions with their families.
Families can play a pivotal role in helping young people make healthy decisions about sex. Most parents want the opportunity to share their values and provide their children with accurate information about sexuality. But often parents and other adults feel uncomfortable discussing sexuality. Often, they need assistant and support in starting meaningful conversations.
Global Girls is sponsoring a performance, workshops for daughters and adults, lunch and facilitated discussions October 22, 2011.
What: How to Talk With Your Parent/Children about Sex
When: Saturday, October 22nd at 11:00 a.m.
Where: Grand Crossing Park, 7655 S. Ingleside Ave, Chicago, IL
Who’s Invited: Daughters, Parents, Grandparents, Foster Parents, and Other Care-givers
Reservations required for this free event: Contact Global Girls, 773.488.7557 and ask to speak to Shannon Woods or email
The workshops will offer youth, parents and other care-givers practical advice on communicating with one another about health, sexuality and sex. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to identify areas for individual assistance, practice skills, and craft a plan for starting conversations after they leave.
* For more information, press should contact Global Girls Executive Director, Marvinetta Penn, 773 488-7557 or
Like us on Facebook: Global Girls
Follow us on Twitter: @globalgirlsinc1



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One response to “Community Asset: Global Girls

  1. Marvinetta

    October 14, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    Wow, thanks a bunch Ashley. We are hosting a dance and new music concert for adults Sunday, November 6th at the Jovial Club, 9615 S. Commercial from 3p until 8p. Maybe you can just mention that in future blogs.

    Great job!!! Thanks for thinking about us. I do want you to come and do some directing for me or at least teach a couple of sessions on acting.


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