NEED CASH: Unclaimed Property

09 Dec
NEED CASH: Unclaimed Property

If you have recently found yourself looking through pants pockets, coats, and purses for a few extra bucks, try a different method.

Each state has an Unclaimed Property Department in which you may can collect some cash or material items you did not know were waiting on you. I was successful when I contacted the Illinois Cash Dash program via web. The process was extremely simple and lucky me, I claimed $78 in checks I had not received from 2 previous places of employment.

At this time, The Illinois Unclaimed Property Department is auctioning over 15,000 items which have not been claimed within 5 years. If you do not live in Illinois, your state may have a similar auction going. Who knows, you may find some great savings for Christmas shopping!


And please feel free to share information about your sates Unclaimed Property Department.

Below is a link to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Search the site for more information on your states unclaimed property.

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One response to “NEED CASH: Unclaimed Property

  1. Uriah Muhammad

    January 19, 2012 at 8:56 am

    Who doesn’t need cash, right? So I try it out for the 2nd time since my unsuccessful attempt in college, circa 2001, and BINGO!! Apparently I’m a co-owner of >$100!!!


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