Building on Beauty….Asset-Based Development

23 Dec

Have you heard of the term Asset-Based Development?

The premise of this theory and popular form of evaluating issues, is to focus on strengthening skills and qualities and resources that already exist in whatever you are trying to develop. Asset-Based Development is most commonly known to be used in the fields of community and youth development, but my quick google search showed that even computer programmers use the term.

I first became familiar with this while working toward my masters at Columbia College Chicago. My cohort and I would spend hours workshopping how to implement effective programs and strategies in communities using what was already present. I immediately fell in love with the glass half-full approach to improvement. By focusing on the beauty that was already present, developers are able to work toward true enhancement instead of focusing on how to alleviate a problem which often does not bring about innovation. A team working on enhancement thinks broad and creative in contrast to a team that is thinking about stopping an occurrence, they are usually forced to think more narrow and stifling.

I could probably give you atleast 5 examples of how to implement AB_D (fill in the blank with whatever your area of development is), but instead I have included links below for you to explore. I also welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments on this unique method of development.

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