Coasting to a Full Glass

21 Feb

Coasting…..I am not a person that usually does this.

Lately I have allowed myself to coast…..surrender to His plan instead of my own. I am enjoying coasting. How did I get here? How did I get to a place where I am not stressing or worrying about the next step (Not to be confused with me not caring about the next step)?

Because everything is moving forward and I have stopped trying to control things and instead I allow myself to be in a place of alignment. What do I mean by moving forward? All of the people that I put timelines on and have taken responsibility for are progressing at their best. I hone in on people because it has recently dawned on me that most of my goals and wants involve other people. For example, if I want to go on a cruise with a group of friends there are many steps that involve interacting with other people and systems (still led by people) that affect whether I will go on the trip as planned.

Friends schedules

Friends money

Friends goals for the trip

These are just to name a few, but one of the most important things on my list that cause me stress or to stop coasting when dealing with people is:


If I ask my friends in December do they want to go on a trip in May but they do not respond until April, I may be out of luck regarding my trip. Fortunately I have been able to coast because all the people that I am currently aligned with and dependent on are working at their best as it relates to interactions with me and my time. Currently all of my relationships, (friends, significant other, family, co-workers, volunteers, etc) are collaborative and I am confident of who is on my team and who cares about working with me (my schedule, my goals, my timelines, etc.). Therefore, I can surrender-no matter what the outcome- because I know that good will is at play.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated, arguing with people while in groups or in organizations, or coming home miserable after work? It is probably because someone in your space is working against you. And I do not mean that they simply disagree with you; they are actually trying to hinder your progress or are careless to your concerns and needs.

After many years of being in negative spaces in which I was forced to be “on 10” ALL of the time (i.e. trying to control, out think the next person, and worry about outcomes) , I am now at a place where I can trust that people I am involved with are respectful of my time, circumstances, and goals.

Have you been able to “coast” lately? Have you found alignment with the people (systems included) that you are surrounded by? How does it feel? How has your life improved?

Tips to Coasting

1- Create SMART goals-if you do not have clear goals and priorities for your self you can easily wind up in a place of frustration, anxiety filled experiences, and confusion.

2- Remove the opposition– again, opposition is not people that disagree with you, but those working against you or your agreed upon interactions.

3- Practice peace and appreciation– CHOOSE to be in a peaceful place; CHOOSE to stray away from negativity; CHOOSE to acknowledge good things in your life- the glass should ALWAYS be half full.

Check out this website to fill up your cup:


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