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Have you ever heard the phrase, “life is not a sprint it is a marathon”?

A marathon is about endurance and everyone who manages to cross the finish line successfully completes the race. Not sure if race is even the right word for a marathon, more like an event. It can be a race, but so many people run marathons to challenge and compete against themselves, not really focused on the concept of beating others or placing first. A marathon is an opportunity for someone to examine their ability to endure.

That’s what I really want to focus on today- endurance-SMART endurance.

At times I find myself running on fumes getting lots of stuff done, but not with very good rhyme or reason behind my actions. Sure, I have tasks to complete, but running thin without clear purpose or goals is taxing. When I begin to feel run down I always have to ask myself am I multi-tasking or multi-achieving- two very different things in my mind.

Achievement implies that I have worked toward completing a goal or task that means something to me. I don’t consider getting things done for the sake of saying, “it’s done”, an achievement. Achievement is not only an action but it is a feeling; you can feel a sense of achievement.  Too many times people go through the motions of tolerating and enduring any situation that they are faced with. This is not necessary.

Instead, we should focus on SMART endurance- tolerating struggles and overcoming obstacles that directly align with our personal SMART goals.

When you have clear SMART goals, your efforts are never in vain, your decision making process begins to make more sense, and you know when and if something is worth enduring.

What do you endure unnecessarily? How have you endured SMARTly?

Ways to Endure SMARTly

  • Look at how you spend your week- How is most of your time spent? Answering phone calls, emails, chatting with friends, business deals, reading, etc.? Become aware of how and WHY you spend your time the way you do.
  • Ask yourself, “Am I satisfied?”- In review, do you think that how you spend your time provides a sense of purpose or well-being? Make sure that you are on the right track.
  • Satisfied or not, create SMART goals- Knowing what you are working toward and how you want to continue or change how you spend your time will help you focus and be intentional with the decisions that follow.

Check out this article below on building resilience in order to better endure.


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