Yes Girl

25 May

Nine times out of ten I say “YES”. I say yes to my instincts, friends, co-workers, students, and family. I am the woman that believes unless the request is dangerous or wholly contradicts my ultimate goals, I can take part and say YES.

Although I am proud to be a “YES girl?” I strongly suggest that anyone wanting to say go through the checklist below prior to committing.

– ask questions about timeline and the time commitment expected from you;

– ask about the specifics of your role and;

– ask about the resources available to you and the project in general

These questions should allow you to offer a variation of one of the following responses:

1) YES, I can fully commit, email me all details.Thank you for thinking of me.

2) YES,, I can work on the project but I am limited to …..(state your limited involvement based on your  physical, emotional, or mental limits.)

3) YES, I can support by connecting you with (insert name or tangible resource for the project).

4) unfortunately I am unable to assist as this opportunity does not align with my availability.

Why YES?

I have found that most subjects and skills are interdisciplinary and transferable. I say YES, because my experiences have proven that I am constantly being prepared for my future and that most opportunities enhance a skill or help me to overcome a future challenge.

Ultimately I say YES, for the person who always hears no.

How do you feel about being a “YES,” person?

Below is a link to an article that discusses saying no:


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