I Have Yet to Succeed

23 Jul

I have not succeeded in my SMART weight loss goal. Although, I have become more conscious about food, my eating patterns and the emotional process that influences choices regarding my physical health, I have not succeeded. When I compare how hard I work to develop and meet goals in various aspects of my life I must admit that I do not exert the same effort toward exercise and diet.

My workout routine is inconsistent and I have yet to commit to plans for healthy eating (green foods, less sugar, adding vegetables, etc). I do sometimes keep a food journal when I’m trying to be on the right path, but usually give up when it occurs to me that my carb intake and lack of exercise will not prove rewarding.

Despite this “fail” (which it is a fail because I not only didn’t meet my SMART goal, I have gained more than 10 pounds since creating my plan), I did have one win this week. I committed to only drinking water and I did for 6 days so far. I did have milk with my breakfast but that was planned. My reasoning for water only was that I needed a flush and some cleansing.

I haven’t noticed anything big regarding weightloss, but I did notice that my teeth are much much whiter. This was something I did not expect or think about, but I am extremely happy about this. I guess no chemically flavored beverages have tainted my teeth this week and I have noticed the reward……Now, if only one week in the gym could show such promise.

How are you doing with your SMART goals?

Below is an article that provides some questions for you to ask yourself when you fail.


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2 responses to “I Have Yet to Succeed

  1. ksidney

    July 23, 2012 at 11:28 am

    As someone that has succeeded in making it down this road you\’re traveling on, I can tell you this:

    1. Despite what MAINSTREAM KNOWLEDGE tells us, it takes at least a full MONTH to see any real results. We have lives that prevent us from losing weight like PEOPLE on TV claim they do. We can\’t workout for 5 hrs a day.

    2. You\’re not OBESE, which means your BODY is gonna be less cooperative when it comes to letting go of the little FAT that you do have. Once you reach a certain BODY FAT PERCENTAGE, your BODY fights against your efforts to lose any more. Sorry, but this is where results become the hardest to obtain.

    I suggest you get a tape measure and use that to track your progress as opposed to using the scale. You used to be a TRACK-AND-FIELD ATHLETE which means your BODY is more adept at carrying MUSCLE. Your BODY weight may not change at all because you\’re losing FAT (lighter) and gaining MUSCLE (heavier). I\’ve lost 2 inches off my WAIST recently, but didn\’t lose a pound.

    I hope this helps. HEALTH and FITNESS has become my 3rd LOVE (don\’t tell THEATER and MUSIC) so I\’ll definitely offer any advice I can should you feel the need to ask.


    P.S. Don\’t be afraid of WEIGHTS. They\’ll be your GOONS when I comes to beating down the FAT.

    • Ashley S.C. Walls

      July 23, 2012 at 12:36 pm

      This is awesome advice! Thank you so very much. I feel much more empowered.


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