Nameless Victims

05 Aug

On August 1st I received this picture on my Facebook wall.

This sparked my interest in looking at a variety of headlines and news articles from the Chicago papers. I wanted to know if there was something in particular about this shooting that would lead to what was posted. Here is what I concluded:

Nameless victims in the headlines and news articles

Descriptive cases, shots, bullet holes, stab wounds and more

To tell the tale of victims

Victims often innocent but some more victims of karma than the actual crime

I searched the headlines for a name

But it was so hard to find

I wondered if he was mine

My neighbor, my classmate, my butcher, my heartache

But I would never know because I could not find his name

Yet the pain bled through the paper

Does not publishing his name make the streets safer?

Title after title, hour after hour, a new story emerged on a victim

A new crime

Same time

Places feet apart

The morgue can’t process the bodies quick enough

Stories not told in real time

Information dispensed like that of the U.S. post office,

b\But I need it more like Twitter

Show me the urgency of his life……go hither.

Please print his name and his story

Then print his fame and his glory

I want to know the blood line, show me who else is affected by this

Who was his barber, his mother, his cleaners, his brother

Let’s venn diagram the pain

Create scientific evidence that project our cities going insane

I’m sure there may be a reason for not leaking his name

But often the streets already know what you think they don’t

5400 block of whatever, whisper his name outside, snitches wont

No name, but yet a victim

Possibly a victim of personal decisions or others decisions made personal

Either way, no name in the paper

Just headlines and descriptive but concise tales of lost people with no name.


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