When did we stop focusing on healing?

12 Feb

Today I am a person walking in the process of healing. I have made a firm commitment to actively acknowledge my pains, address the outcomes of the hurt and assist in the healing that is required. I say required because without the healing I will remain damaged. I will function in habit instead of truth.

I have chosen to commit to the process of healing because I think about what will come of me if I do not. I imagine that I may drink too much if I don’t begin to heal; that I may eat too much if I lose sight of the me I imagine myself to be; that I may spend all of my money on material items that do not align with my goals, etc. I will destruct.

This is what is happening in communities everywhere-people are not healing. From what? That is not what matters as much as acknowledging that exists and is breeding in our brothers and sisters. Seeking belonging, not valuing life, numbness….we have all experienced this. Yes, we don’t all pick up a gun and go shoot up innocent people or rob a convenient store, but we all do damage that surpass the norms of our social circle. For example people who have access to bank account numbers steal money without a gun nevertheless, they are a thief.

Transformation of communities is imperative. We have to focus on healing communities and victims simultaneously.

Immediate solutions (not at all exhaustive):

Approach community healing like a patient in the ER. Identify a problem and attack it full force. If no improvement in a short period of time, immediately try something different. Think Dr.House. We dont have time to wait months and years for results.

Align systems with community patterns. After school programs and day care centers should be given the resources and staffing to match parent/guardian needs (time to work, grocery shop, go to the gym occasionally, travel from a distant location, etc.). This can happen block by block, school area by school area.

Over police, over parent, over teach.
I was recently at an event where the speaker said we are at a point when we must collide with problems. We must battle with them. I interpreted this as we must not keep waiting for legislation and protocol. We don’t have to break laws but we need remain invisible. We need to be preventive AND proactive.

This is how I am approaching healing myself and communities. What else do you suggest?


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2 responses to “When did we stop focusing on healing?

  1. rebekastl

    February 12, 2013 at 10:22 am

    Wow, Ashley. This post is honest, sensitive, and solutions are tangible. What a beautiful and inspiring piece. Love you!

    • Ashley S.C. Walls

      February 13, 2013 at 12:40 am

      Thank you! It was on my heart about things I am personally going through and with all of the headlines of loss and damage in Chicago and other places…..Thank you for reading šŸ™‚


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