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Catching Up Quickly

I realized that I have not posted on my blog in almost 6 months…..This made me question its relevance….As I am preparing to revisit my blog, title, purpose, etc I do want to share some of the quotes, images and emotions that have fueled me since my last check in. 

Please feel free to reply with some of your motivational stuff! We ALL NEED THIS! 

What quotes, pictures, etc have kept you motivated over the last 6 months?




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Success Formulas: What I Have Learned Part 2

What I love most about the Success Formulas series is learning the thought processes and actions of individuals that are actively pursuing their goals.

This round of questions for Success Formulas revolved around budgeting resources, overcoming fears, community development, S.M.A.R.T. goals, and productive spaces.

Living a more intentional life, I have created the following statements/ affirmations in which I am sure will take me further than I imagine.

I seek out and embrace the platform(s) for my success

My success begins and ends with my courage

I am the active example of my purpose

I treasure my target audience

Below are previous affirmations that I created and embraced.

I accept accountability for my responsibilities

I believe in God as a guiding power for my achievements

I cherish and nurture relationships with like-minded people

I value detailed work ethic

It is with these daily affirmations and positive thoughts that I will breathe air into my Life Plan and S.M.A.R.T. goals.

How have your applied lessons from the Success Formulas series to your life?

Below is a link to a blog entry that has some great affirmations that can be used while working out.

Update 7.11.11- From Percy Ollie Jr.

  1. I’m delayed on my SMART goal of completing my bible in 365 day. I am currently only on day 7 so, I’m about 2-3 weeks behind. The good news I’ve done the hardest part of getting started and I plan on picking up momentum to get caught up. Additionally, I’ve began 2 other devotionals that are assisting with my understanding.
  2. Still in search of additional photographer
  3. I have 1 intern secured and in the process of allocating responsibilities
    Additionally, I have 2 other potential candidates
  4. I last worked on the content for my new webpage about 2 weeks ago so, I haven’t been as progressive as I would like to be in order to reach my goal. This week I will be creating a new plan to track my progress so, that I’m able to stay ahead of schedule.

Update 7.12.11- From Titi Lo’Kei

  1. I still attend church every Sunday and I am also reading the bible more everyday.
  2. I pray all day everyday but i am still forming a habit of reading the bible every morning and evening. I have picked up on reading the bible but I am not yet at the point where I want to be. But as long as i am making progress I am happy.
  3. The one thing I keep going back to is budget. I remember saying I never set budgets because music expenses can be so random and unpredicted but that answer actually bothered me. Since then I have been studying ways to budget and save money in order to plan for unexpected expenses. I have also been finding ways to make extra money and seek out investors that are interested in sponsoring my music career. I often times live too much in the present instead of thinking long-term when it comes to money, but all of that is slowly changing for the better.

Update 7.21.2011- From Chanel Ballard 

The Rise2Power Project is still an inspirational vehicle to watch. We continue to build our inspiration fan club and encourage youth and young adults to be active participants in their destiny. I’m confident that we’ll have a soft launch for The Rise2Power Project August 15th.


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