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What is so funny? Oh Yeah….The Political Stage- Guest Post by Nathaniel Gordon

Black politics in America has become an ongoing joke. The ability, intelligence, and sincerity of politicians is constantly put into questions as black politicians get elected in black communities that have very few options to choose from. As the political field becomes more complicated and the individuals become more educated it appears as if black politicians are playing the same game now that they played forty years ago with their constituents, “Vote for me because I look like you”. The problem is that just because a person looks like me and comes from the same place as me does not mean that they have the same interests as me.

To quell any issues in advance I do not possess self-hatred of myself and my race as a black man, but I do possess I high level of disdain for black politicians that continuously make financial and career gains at the expense of the individuals they are expected to represent and protect. As the issue of competent black politicians becomes a growing concern it must be considered if it is the fault of the black politicians for not doing anything or the black voters for continuously electing these individuals.

The black community has the same concerns as any other group in America; education, healthcare, security, financial stability, and a concern for the safety of their families. What is it that makes the black community less capable of achieving things that other communities receive? It is the involvement of the people (or lack thereof). I sincerely blame the people for electing officials that continuously do nothing, If the people continuously elect officials who do nothing for their communities that means that the voters are either incompetent, they just do not care about their community, or they continuously fail to recognize those who are most incapable of representing their concerns and ideals.

political jokeThe list of corrupt black politicians in American history is long; the Ford family of Tennessee, Kwame Kilpatrick, Jesse Jackson Sr., Jesse Jackson Jr., and Al Sharpton just to name a few. The good that these people have done is questionable in relation to the profits and career advances they have made because of their positions. However, the harm that these individuals have perpetuated is great as well. The Ford family of Tennessee has constantly been charged and convicted of corruption charges while representing black constituents of Tennessee. Kwame Kilpatrick thought it was more important to represent his personal interests of partying, enjoying strippers, and driving Escalades than to focus on the infrastructure of Detroit. Jesse Jackson Sr. has shown constant moral flaws and stories filled with lies throughout his career. Jesse Jackson Jr. has recently been convicted of corruption. I offer a question to you all. Would you hire a person with a perm, no work experience, and a conspiracy to sell cocaine charge? Regardless of your answer Al Sharpton has the same qualities and a great deal of people believe that he is fit to represent Black America.

The success of black people as a whole in politics must begin with the black community. An educated voter, regardless of race, is a problem for a lying politician. A true and honest politician will encourage you to educate yourself and come to them with a legitimate argument against or for their position.

Ask yourself, when is the last time a politician asked you to educate yourself about an issue? When was the last time you were given legitimate knowledge instead of propaganda? When was the last time a politician addressed an issue without public pressure or in a non-election year? When was the last time you legitimately demanded more of your elected officials? When was the last time you were given a solution instead of an excuse?

About Nathaniel Gordon:

Born in Chicago
Graduated from Jones College Prep in 2001.
Graduated from Alcorn State University in 2005 B.A. In Poli-Sci and B.S. In Psychology.
Graduated from University of Mississippi School of Law in 2008.
Owner and Principal Attorney of Law Office of Nathaniel Gordon, specializing in Criminal Defense.


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