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Catching Up Quickly

I realized that I have not posted on my blog in almost 6 months…..This made me question its relevance….As I am preparing to revisit my blog, title, purpose, etc I do want to share some of the quotes, images and emotions that have fueled me since my last check in. 

Please feel free to reply with some of your motivational stuff! We ALL NEED THIS! 

What quotes, pictures, etc have kept you motivated over the last 6 months?




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Fasting in January (from my journal at the time)
This time I tried fasting from something in particular, something that I felt had a hold on me….. (last time it was food until after 6 for one day)…
It’s amazing how when you begin to fast you want the thing you selected to give up more than ever.
I had reinforcements…my friends helped me avoid temptation
I prayed a lot this time…a lot more than I used to….overall I pray a lot more now……Fasting4
How it all worked all a few months later…
I made some really big changes in my life….
The changes are not only attributed to the fasting but an overall process of change and prayer that I am committed to because my spirit is not settled. I want to rid myself of uneasiness more than the thing(s) I thought I needed….the thing(s) I perceived as happiness.
I think the changes will allow me to reach my path of financial freedom as scheduled….You never REALLY know how one big change makes a different in so many areas of your life…..
Share your pre and post fasting experiences. How was your life been impacted by fasting?

Fasting part 2 and starting 3…..


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Pushing Through the Rough Patch: I Tried Fasting

Composed the night of 7/26/2011

I just completed my first fast in hopes of gaining clarity on some opportunities that have been presented to me.
Not eating was not as challenging as I thought it would be because I was very busy the entire day; what was challenging during this busy day, was finding the time to pray and remain focused on why I was fasting.

Throughout the day I was in a long meetings that involved my direct participation. I would sneak in
a few moments of focused prayer by excusing myself to the bathroom, or when the other party would do the same. One other activity that helped me stay focused on my fasting wishes during the meetings was writing keywords of the 3 items that led me to fast on my notes.

After my meetings were complete, I headed home. On the way home, I became aware of all the emails, text messages, and phone calls that I missed. Of course I was tempted to return the calls on the commute home, but after the third failed attempt, I accepted that this time was another opportunity to engage in my fasting prayers.

Once I arrived at home, I called a friend and asked a general question regarding fasting (I was advised to not announce or share with others that I am fasting, especially because it was for a specific purpose). My question went something like this:

Me: Suppose I was fasting in the summertime from sun up to sun down and realized that…..the sun doesn’t go down for an extremely long time? Can I just change the time that I end my fast?

Friend: No. But, if you do need to eat, you can-lol. Sometimes when I am hungry at the end of my fast, I take a nap to push through.

Me: Thanks.

Needless to say, I took a nap….the sun is almost in my rearview…..Later my friend informed me that I could have been upfont with my question; I was just not tp publicize my fasting throughout the day.

How do you get the most of your fast and/or spiritual activities?

Below is a link that explains more about fasting.


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